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African Educational Research Journal

African Educational Research Journal publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that constitute significant contributions to the…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:150

Agroecology Journal (AEJ)

Agrioecology Journal (AEJ) is an open access journal and publishes original research papers reporting the final results of basic and…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:12

Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences – Open Journal

Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences – Open Journal [2377-8350]. We are willing to contribute our scientific data and…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:7

Al Qalam Jurnal Ilmiah Keagamaan dan Kemasyarakatan

AlQalam adalah Jurnal Ilmiah Keislaman dan Kemasyarakatan (P-ISSN: 1907-4174 ; E-ISSN: 2621-0681) dan merupakan jurnal berkala yang diterbitkan oleh Sekolah…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views:37

Acta Pharmakon

Acta Pharmakon has a wide spectrum for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science which is a basic need for scientific innovation…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:19

Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies

Arab World English Journal for Translation and literary Studies (AWEJ-tls) is a refereed, double blind peer reviewed in which both…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:172

Amity Journal of Finance

The Amity Journal of Finance (AJF) publishes theoretical, empirical, experimental and applied research in all the areas of finance and…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:12

Amity Journal of Agribusiness

The aim of Amity Journal of Agribusiness (AJAB) is to publish leading advances in the broad area of agribusiness management…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:6

Amity Journal of Entrepreneurship

Amity Journal of Entrepreneurship (AJE) publishes advances in the entrepreneurial research and innovative practices in both developed and developing economies.…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:4

Amity Journal of Training and Development

The effective use of human resource is very important for the growth of any organization and training and development plays…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:9


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