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Pakistan Journal of Physiology

Pak J Physiol is a peer reviewed free access journal. It receives original research on human and animal physiology and…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:24


The Prism is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal that publishes empirical and theoretical papers covering the following disciplines: Basic Sciences…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:11

Pakistan Journal of Plastic Surgery

Official journal of the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:34

Problems of Information Technology

Journal of Problems of Information Technology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Information Technology. The…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:26

Psychreg Journal of Psychology

Psychreg Journal of Psychology (PJP) is an online-only, open access scholarly publication published through Psychreg, an online resource in psychology,…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:101

Proceedings of Scientific Works of Cherkasy State Technological University. Series: Economic Sciences.

International quarterly journal that discovers main problems of economic development of different branches such as business, agriculture management, regional growth…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:23

pancaran pendidikan

PANCARAN PENDIDIKAN Journal is a journal of Education, Teaching and Learning published by FKIP- the University of Jember since 1995.…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:8

Pharmaayurved Online Research Journal

Pharmaayurved is an online bimonthly Journal. This journal is to promote Research and Development in Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Sciences through…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:7

Plant Varieties Studying and Protection

“Plant Varieties Studying and Protection” Journal of Applied Research is scientific research publishing of Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination,…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:11

Pravish Rajnam Journal of Studies

‘Pravish Rajnam - Journal of Studies’ is a humble effort to come out with an affordable option of a low…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views:7


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