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Ciência e Natura

Ciencia & Natura is a Journal edited and published by the Exact and Natural Sciences Center at the Federal University of Santa Maria. It is a divulgation media for works on Exact and Natural Sciences, especially on Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Geosciences, Geography, Biology, Meteorology as well as Education regarding these areas and the interdisciplinarity between them. The Ciencia e Natura Journal is edited and published by the Center of Natural Sciences and Exacts from the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM -, it is a divulgation organ of works related to the Natural Sciences and Exacts, which attends majorly the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Statistic, Chemistry, Geo-Sciences, Geography, Biology and Meteorology, as well as the interdisciplinarity of these areas. Its goal is the publication of original articles of scientific or technical character, and review articles with exclusivity. It is a receptive journal to UFSM works and others institutions contributing to the increasing of the level and to the effectuation of its informative value. The Ciencia e Natura adopts the “blind” evaluation by pairs. All the submitted articles are sent initially to the appreciation of two consultants (doctors) on the focus area of the work. If there is discrepancy on the opinions a third consultant can be called. It is the Section Editor’s knowledge of will count only one consultant opinion. The editorial decision is emitted based on the consultants’ opinions. It will be sought to the authors that, when necessary, modify their texts or even that rewrite them on a way to adequate to the consultants orientations. This Journal offers a free and immediate access to its contains following the principle that free availability to the scientific knowledge to the public proposes better world democratization of the knowledge.


Keywords: Exact and Natural Sciences,

ISSN: 0100-8307


Subject: Multidisciplinary

Publisher: Federal University of Santa Maria /

Year: 2004

Country: Brazil

Views: 3316 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 151


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