Retinopathy of Prematurity: Incidence and Risk Factors

Background: With improved neonatal care services across India, even the tiniest and sickest babies are surviving. However, they carry a high chance of developing retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Therefore, pediatricians and ophthalmologists must be aware of the risk factors of ROP to detect and treat the disease at the earliest. Aims: To study the incidence and risk factors that predispose to ROP. Design: Observational study. Methods: Preterm and low birth weight infants, born between the years 2012 and 2014, and admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit of Sri Aurobindo Medical College and PG Institute, Indore were screened for ROP. Neonates with gestational age ? 34 weeks and birth weight < 1500 grams were examined within 4 weeks of birth. Results: The incidence of ROP was 23.4 % in 308 infants who were screened. Birth weight was significantly lower in infants with ROP than without ROP. Risk factors predisposing to ROP were septicemia (P=0.001), apnea (P<0.0001), oxygen therapy (P=0.003) and mechanical ventilation (P=0.004). However, only septicemia and apnea were found to be independent risk factors for development of ROP on multivariate analysis. Conclusion: The incidence of ROP was 23.4 % and the risk factors predisposing to the disease were septicemia and apnea besides low birth weight and prematurity.

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Keywords: Low-Birth Weight; Preterm; Blindness; Apnea; Septicemia.

ISSN: 2332-290X


EOI/DOI: 10.19070/2332-290X-1600040

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