Understanding the Hetu ( Causes ) of Eye Disorders in Ayurveda

Theimportance ofeyes to the human beings need not be emphasized. Eyes provide sight, without which life would lose most of its meanings. But at the same time eyes are constantly exposed to the external environment. Almost everyone in the world overworks their eyes due to which several ey e problems occur. Ancient Ayurvedic Acharyas identified dozens of Hetu (causes) that can cause eye disorders. A disease is caused due to specific causative factor followed by the pathogenesis with the manifestation of signs and symptoms and if ignored the complication is the next outcome. Without the knowledge of causative factors the implication of treatment is not possible. Hetu gives knowledge of the disease, so understanding the Hetu of eye diseases has its prime importance in preventing, diagnosing and treating the eye diseases.

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Keywords: Hetu, Causes, Eye disorders


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