Review of Sarpa according to Ayurveda

In the world, there are about 2500 species of snakes. In India, there are about 250 species, out of which about 50 species are p oisonous. The ancient authors have done several classifications . Depending on the mythological habitat, they are divided into “ Divya ” and “ Bhauma ”. Anan ta , Takshaka, Vaasuki, Gulika, Karkotaka, Shamkhapaala, Padama and Mahaapadama are the eight divya Sarpas. Bhauma sarpas are again sub classified into five as Darveekara , Mandali , Rajimanta , Nirvisha and Vaikaranja . Snake bites are well known medical emerg encies in many part of the world especially in in rural areas. It is common occupational hazards mainly in farmers, plantation workers, herders and labors leading significant morbidity and mortality that remains largely unreported. This article we will stu dy about sarpa its classification of different features, reproduction, sanka visha, management and or other more topics.

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Keywords: Sarpa , Snake bite, Mortality, Poison


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