School is an important agent of socialization process to the human beings. That is why school education plays an important role in one?s life. It is the foundation for development of any society. The teacher is the renowned person in the process of education. According to Hindu mythology, teacher is called as Guru, who is treated as Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. The Guru used to train his disciples at his ?Ashrams? which were also called as ?Gurukula? during Vedic period in India. The teacher has given utmost priority and received great respect from the society during those days. A Sanskrit shloka, ?Mathrudevobhava, Pithrudevobhava, Acharyadevobhava, Athididevobhava? indicates that mother, father, teacher and guest are treated like god. Only the Brahmins were eligible to work as teachers during ancient period. After India got freedom from the British, educational facilities were expanded in a massive manner throughout the country. So that most of the educated youth belong to various castes have chosen the teaching profession by interest. Hence there is a shift in the teaching profession in India i.e. ?from Brahmin to Bahujan?. But in the case of Telangana region, which formed as 29th State of Indian Union on 2nd June, 2014, the teaching community has been changing for the last several decades. During the Nizam period, where Telangana was part of Hyderabad state, majority of the teachers were Muslims. After it was merged with Indian Union in 1948, the government has recruited Hindu teachers as part of promoting Telugu as medium of instruction at school level. Currently, most of the parents are sending their children to private schools. According to Durkheim society is the source of all moral authority. Man is a rule-making animal, and the customs, laws, maxims and opinions of the group are the basis of morals. He sees teacher as the representative of the authority of society, who must take the role of a leader, and develop in his students a taste for the morality of group life. The school itself is a small society acting as a link between the family and outside world. He proposed a model of the teacher today is that of a fellow worker with his pupils, a planner of learning situations and one who works with far less assurance of the desired result than the teacher of the past.

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Keywords: moral values status of teacher punishment discipline student Telangana.

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