Reliability and construct validity of the Gratitude Questionnaire 6 Item Form (GQ 6) in a sample of Japanese college students

This study examined the reliability and construct validity of the Japanese translation (GQ-6-J) of the Gratitude Questionnaire 6-item form (GQ-6) in a sample of 409 Japanese college students (166 women, 263 men; mean age = 20.6 years, SD = 1.36), who completed the questionnaire on two occasions separated by four weeks. Internal consistency reliability (?s = .92 and .92 for the two administrations, respectively) and test–retest reliability (r = .86) were good. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses on the GQ-6-J confirmed the same single factor structure as that of the original GQ-6. A confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the GQ-6-J is distinguishable from the measures of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. As expected, the GQ-6-J scores were moderately correlated with scores on the measures of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Because these results provided support for the reliability and construct validity of the GQ-6-J, the measure is expected to contribute to research in the Japanese population as a suitable instrument to assess dispositional gratitude

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Keywords: Gratitude Questionnaire 6-Item Form, Japanese version, dispositional gratitude, reliability, construct validity, and Japanese college students


EISSN: 2587-0130


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