Nonlinear free vibration of viscoelastic nanoplates based on modified couple stress theory

In this paper, a new viscoelastic size-depended model developed based on a modi?ed couple stress theory and the for nonlinear viscoelastic material in order to vibration analysis of a viscoelastic nanoplate. The material of the nanoplate is assumed to obey the Leaderman nonlinear constitutive relation and the von Kármán plate theory is employed to model the system. The viscous parts of the classical and nonclassical stress tensors are obtained based on the Leaderman integral and the corresponding work terms are calculated. The viscous work equations are balanced by the terms of size-dependent potential energy, kinetic energy. Then the equations of motion are derived from Hamilton’s principle. The governing nonlinear integro-differential equations with coupled terms are solved by using the fourth-order Runge-Kutta method and Galerkin approach. The results are validated by carrying out the comparison with existing results in the literature when our model is reduced into an elastic case. In order to explore the vibrational characteristics, the in?uences of the thickness ratio, relaxation coefficient, and aspect ratio on the frequency and damping ratio were also examined. The results revealed that the frequency, vibration amplitude and damping ratio of viscoelastic nanoplate were signi?cantly in?uenced by the relaxation coefficient of nanoplate material, and length scale parameter. Also, it was found that with increasing (h/l) the vibration frequency decreases and its amplitude and damping ratio increase.

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Keywords: Nonlinear vibration; Nonlinear viscoelastic; Modified couple stress; nanoplate

ISSN: 2423-6713

EISSN: 2423-6705

EOI/DOI: 10.22059/JCAMECH.2018.228477.1

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