Free Vibration Analysis of Nanoplates Made of Functionally Graded Materials Based On Nonlocal Elasticity Theory Using Finite Element Method

In this paper, an analysis of free vibration in functionally graded nanoplate is presented. Third-order shear deformation plate theory is used to reach more accuracy in results. Small-scale effects are investigated using Eringen`s nonlocal theory. The governing equations of motion are obtained by Hamilton`s principle. It is assumed that the properties of nanoplates vary through their thicknesses according to a volume fraction power law distribution. The finite element method (FEM) is presented to model the functionally graded nanoplate and solve mathematical equations accurately. The finite element formulation for HSDT nanoplate is also presented. Natural frequencies of FG nanoplate with various boundary conditions are compared with available results in the literature. At the end some numerical results are presented to evaluate the influence of different parameters, such as power law index, nonlocal parameter, aspect ratio and aspect of length to thickness of nanoplate. In addition, all combinations of simply supported and clamped boundary conditions are considered.

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Keywords: FEM; HSDT Plate; Free Vibration; FG Nanoplates; Nonlocal Theory

ISSN: 2423-6713

EISSN: 2423-6705

EOI/DOI: 10.22059/JCAMECH.2018.248906.2

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