Bandwidth Enhancement by using O Slot Conical via whole for Wireless Communication

In this paper a O shape micro strip patch antenna with open via on a FR4 substrate is presented. With the used of O-shape slot at the top of antenna and for improved the bandwidth of the antenna adding an open via between excited patch and ground plane. The antenna is designed for 10GHz.The analysis of simulated result is done by using MOM software. The VSWR Bandwidth of proposed antenna is 77.76 % and return loss (S11) = -40 dB, and maximum directivity 6dBi.The Bandwidth of proposed antenna for C and X investigated.

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Keywords: Bandwidth MoM SIMULATOR (IE3D), via whole technique, probes feeding, O Slot.

ISSN: 2394-9007

EISSN: 0000-0000

EOI/DOI: Volume-V, Number-III, June 201

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