Tradition and contemporation in the production of crude dried meat products

Production of traditional raw – dried meat products in Bulgaria is a historical fact that is increasinglyfades into the background of innovative technologies that massively enter the meat industry. That’s besides themassive high-tech production and European framework which imposes certain standards in the production ofthis type of meat products. However, they remain favorites in the local market as it is considered a traditionalfood for the region. As foods with protected designations and traditional specialties guaranteed in the Europeanregister were entered Elena fillet, sausage Panagyurska, Rolle Trapezitza and Kaiser neck Thrace. Studies overthe hygiene status and quality characteristics of various assortments of raw dried meat products are diverse andindicate possible problems arising from the specificity of the products and the continuous development of technology. This study examines the quality of meat raw materials, the role of microflora in meat available and theimpact of the added starter cultures in the production of fast ripening raw dried meat products as a key factorin maintaining the identity and authority of traditional Bulgarian food.

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Keywords: dried meat products; quality characteristics.

ISSN: 2534-9333

EISSN: 2534-9341

EOI/DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1217875

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