Organizational Restructuring Effect on Competitive Advantage of Catholic Mission Hospitals in Nyeri County, Kenya.

In the recent years, the health sector has experienced escalating health care costs which have made the health care service providers seek for ways of continuously staying competitive to provide quality services to its customers. Traditionally, this is a sector that requires high level of professionalism, sophisticated equipments and advanced technology in order to stay ahead of others. Catholic mission hospitals have not been an exception to this experience. Despite the efforts, several draw backs have been noticed in the hospitals. It’s against this background that this study specifically aimed to establish the effect of investigate whether establishing whether human resource alignment had any effect on competitiveness of Catholic Mission Hospitals in Nyeri County. The target population for the study was 226 staff and a sample size of 68 was selected. The researcher used descriptive survey research design. Data was collected using questionnaires. The data collected was both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis and presented in form of narratives, while quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings of the study were: lack of changes in HR alignment, (?=.313, t=4.363, p<0.004) had a significant negative influence on competitive advantage in catholic mission hospitals in Nyeri County. The study therefore recommends: the Catholic Mission Hospitals management should employ integration organizational structure where staff are involved in decision making as this will harness the staff expert capabilities and improve performance.

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Keywords: Organisational Structure, competitive advantage, mission hospitals


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