Personal Therapy: Towards Sustainability and Capacity Building among Workers in Organisations in Kenya

The growth and success of all organizations, depend on the health of their workers; both the physical and mental health. The counselor plays a great role in ensuring that workers enjoy good mental health through facilitation of their self awareness and life skill acquisition. However, counselor may sometimes be overwhelmed with his/her own personal concerns to the extent his/her functioning is curtailed. By becoming clients themselves, counselors gain an inner steadiness that increases their ability to help others. In learning self-acceptance and patience through personal therapy, counselors will find it easier to be patient with clients and to respect each individual’s unique process and pacing. Personal therapy helps counselors learn patience and calmness in the unpredictable waters of an organization. Without personal therapy, counselors are more susceptible to acting prematurely and subverting the difficult and fallow periods so crucial to therapeutic progress. Personal therapy is a core component of counselor self-care, which is another means of preventing client harm and enhancing his/her personal sustainability and capacity building. The study adopted the content analysis research design. Content analysis is a research technique used to make replicable and valid inferences by interpreting and coding textual material. By systematically evaluating texts qualitative data can be converted into quantitative data. Content analysis is valuable in organizational research because it allows researchers to recover and examine the nuances of organizational behaviors, stakeholder perceptions, and societal trends. It is also an important bridge between purely quantitative and purely qualitative research methods. Research findings showed that workers who are mentally health are dedicated to work, highly motivated and have high stamina for work. This status facilitates high organizational returns. The three major determinants of organizational behavior are the people, the organizational structure, and the technology involved. People come to the workplace with social, physiological as well as psychological needs which the organization must fulfill in order to avoid being demoralized. When workers lack motivation they tend to resort to anti-work behaviors which impact negatively on the work performance and credibility of an organization. Personal therapy prepares the counselor to effectively tackle these workplace challenges

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Keywords: Personal Therapy, sustainability, Capacity Building, Empowerment, Motivation


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