Effect of Kaizen Philosopy and Total Quality Management on Productivity and Cost

Today, due to increasing competition, businesses attach more importance to quality both to meet customer expectations and to produce error-free products more efficiently using production processes. In addition, it has become a necessity to constantly improve the production processes. Efficiency, expressed as the ratio of the input used in production to the output obtained at the end of the production process, is closely related to the decrease in the costs of the enterprises. On the other hand, it is also expected that quality-oriented work and kaizenes which are expressed as minor improvements in the work process will have positive effects on costs and productivity. In this context, the effects of kaizen philosophy and total quality management approaches on productivity increase are emphasized. Through the application of Kaizen costing and total quality management systems, the relationship between kaizen, total quality management and efficiency increase and costs have been examined through the firms that have achieved positive results regarding productivity increase.

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Keywords: Total Quality Management, Kaizen, Productivity

ISSN: 2547-9733


EOI/DOI: 10.29023/alanyaakademik.296496

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