Effectiveness of Agriculture forestry and environment committee (AFEC) in adoption of Sustainable Soil Management Practices (SSMP) technology in Ramechhap and Dolakha, Nepal

This research was conducted in the Ramechap and Dolakha regions of Nepal to analyze the role of AFEC in the adoption of SSMP technology. A total of 120 samples were randomly collected from 4 VDC, namely Sindrawoti, Chisapani, Namdu and Puranogaun. Both qualitative and quantitative information were collected using a semi-structured questionnaire, household survey, important informative interview and focus group discussion. As a result of the study, it was found that the effectiveness of these committees was very important in participatory planning, resource mobilization and agriculture service presentation. Participation of farmers in local level planning is significantly higher in village development committee ( VDC) with AFEC (73.3%) than VDC without AFEC (43.3%). AFEC farmers have begun to receive technical service with 2.84 index values compared to farmers without AFEC. The average adoption level is significantly higher in VDC with AFEC (43.69% household(HH)) than with non-AFEC (11.78%). According to the Logit regression model, HH development training and the presence of AFEC were statistically significant in determining the adoption of SSMP technology.

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Keywords: Adoption of Technology Participant, VCD Program Aid, Resource Mobilization

ISSN: 2547-9733


EOI/DOI: 10.29023/alanyaakademik.311059

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