The Performance Analysis Of Publicly Traded Private And State Banks Operating In Turkey By Topsis

The importance of commercial banks is incontrovertible reality to lead buoyant economic growth in a country. Evaluating the financial performance of banks which is one of the significant dynamics of the financial sistem is particularly important for both developmants of banks and financial markets in the national paint of view. Multi-criteria decision analysis is used for determining which banks are better than others. Additionally, it could be used to make assessments of low-performing banks and help them menage financial affairs more efficiently and effectively. ?n this study we tried to measure the performance of publucly traded private and state-owned banks operating in Turkey (Akbank, Garanti Bankas?, Türkiye Halk Bankas?, Vak?f Bank, ?ekerbank, Türkiye ?? Bankas?, Yap? Kredi Bankas?) using one of the multi-criteria decion analyse technics TOPS?S. Besides data of these banks where collected from their offical websites and an informative website called public disclosure platform (KAP) According to the results of the study, it does not seem as if any banks have an significant superiorty in the performance scores. Nevertheless calculating the average performance score we have determined thet the score of Garanti Banks is superior to other banks. ?t has been determined that Akbank has the lowest financial performance.

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Keywords: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, TOPS?S, Deposit Banks

ISSN: 2547-9733


EOI/DOI: 10.29023/alanyaakademik.310146

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