The understanding of social studies is important both to the teachers and student for meaningful Social Studies instruction. The subject is increasingly vital in helping to create individuals who are active dynamic participants in our society. This view of Social Studies raises the problem of the organization of its interrelated components and how to make students become conscious of the underlying forces that make up its elements and other related phenomena. There is therefore the need to select appropriate strategies that will facilitate all round development in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the students. It is obvious that no single method of learning can adequately fit all learning situation. However, there is no best method of teaching Social Studies but combination of the other method would definitely help in achieving the desired instructional objectives. Some methods of teaching Social Studies include, stimulation, laboratory, inquiry, project, dramatizations, questions and answer, field-trips, discussion, lecture, problem-solving, dramatization, home assignment and construction methods. Learning can be less tedious and more functional, if efforts are made to identify and make extensive use of available instructional, resources both material and human. The selection and decision on appropriate resources should be based on the student’ age, ability and interest. The wide range of resources include textbooks, newspapers, pictures and charts, maps, models, real object resource centers, audio-visual devices, chalkboard and flannel graph. When the school instructional material are available, they must be well organize and administered for effective use.

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Keywords: Methods, Resources, Teaching Social Studies.

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