Severe Tracheobronchitis associated with Disseminated Varicella in an Immunocompromised Child

Childhood chickenpox is usually a benign infection with mortality rate in healthy children aged 1-14 years is around 2 deaths per 100,000 cases. Among children with leukaemia mortality rate of varicella is up to 55%. We describe a 7-year-old child of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia presenting with disseminated varicella. This child was also found to have severe tracheobronchitis. Severe tracheobronchitis is rare however, an important complication. It needs to be recognized early as it has the potential to alter the course, duration, therapy and outcome of these cases.

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Keywords: Tracheobronchitis; Disseminated Varicella; Immunocompromised

ISSN: 2349-6592

EISSN: 2455-7099

EOI/DOI: 10.21304/2017.0403.00200

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