Knowledge Management, Promoter of the Internal Competitiveness in the Municipal Administration

Currently, the competitiveness has become a requirement in all areas and the municipal administration does not escape from it, having constituted the municipality the base of the local government and of the political and administrative organization of the states. From the quality of services that offers the municipal administration, conditions are derived that frame the quality of life of his inhabitants. In search of the competitiveness the organizations every time are interested in managing more the knowledge, nevertheless the literature and research are focused more to the companies of the private sector. In this context, the municipal administration constitutes an area of particular interest for this study; it is fundamental to do research tending to know its reality and propose strategies to raise its levels of competitiveness and socioeconomic development. The aim is to identify elements of knowledge management that could constitute potential tools to stimulate the internal competitiveness of the municipal administration, taking as a base 12 municipalities of the State of Mexico that integrate the Toluca region. The methodology corresponds to an exploratory, descriptive study and co relational, based on review of literature and application of a survey performed to 369 workers and 353 users of services of the researched town halls. Concluding that there are elements inherent in the knowledge management that can increase the efficiency or competitiveness of the municipal administration emphasizing in the results the following ones: training courses to keep the workers updated; managing and automation of information, improvement of paperwork and disposition of manuals.

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Keywords: Knowledge management, Internal competitiveness, Municipal management.

ISSN: ISSN: 2278-3369

EISSN: ISSN: 2278-3369


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