Role of Virechana karma in paediatric patient of Sheetapitta (Urticaria) - A Case Study

Sheetapitta that is Urticaria is one of the most common allergic skin diseases described in Ayurveda. The symptoms of Sheetapitta like Mandal(circular rashes), Shotha (Swelling), Kandu (itching), Toda (pain), Chardi (vomiting), Jwara (fever) and Daha (burning sensation) that makes the individual annoyed and irritated. Many of antihistaminic agents show the instant relief in symptoms but frequent relapse occurs. Panchakarma provides better and permanent management for Sheetapitta. For treatment of such peculiar condition, a clinical evaluation by Virechana with Avipattikara Churna was done. Here we reported a chronic case of Sheetapitta, presented with red rashes all over the body with pain, burning sensation; swelling and itching on the whole body aggravating more during evening hours and on exposure to cold climate since 18 months. A female patient of 8 years old consulted to OPD with above complaints This case was managed with Virechana karma and rashes were almost disappear within 6 days of Virechana. This case concluded that for chronic condition of skin disorder Panchkarma is the best therapy for eliminations of vitiated Doshas.

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Keywords: Ayurveda, Sheetapitta, Urticaria, Virechana


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