Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment in Small Renal Masses

Sir, In the recent years, diagnosis of small renal tumors has increased as a result of the development of technology and imaging technique. Number of patients with renal cell carcinoma has been increasing by 2-3% every year [1]. Radiofrequency ablation therapy in the treatment of small renal tumors has been an alternative to other methods of treatment due to high radiological and oncological efficacy [2]. Radiofrequency ablation therapy is applied with success in the treatment of liver, kidney, lung, bone and breast tumors [3]. Radiofrequency ablation therapy can be performed to treat small renal cell carcinoma by both percutaneous and laparoscopic approaches. This modality has some considerable advantages, such as decreased morbidity rate, short recovery time and obtaining reliable oncological outcomes in the long term follow-up [4, 5].

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Keywords: Radiofrequency ablation, Small Renal Masses

ISSN: 2148-6832


EOI/DOI: 10.17546/msd.84213

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