Makerspace: Tren Baru Layanan di Perpustakaan

Now, makerspace becomes a new era in the library development. Library is not seen as a quiet space, but the space of expression to the development of creativity and knowledge sharing culture. The library collection space physically decrease and move to open space for assembly and expression. This paper explains about makerspace phenomenon as a new trend in library services. The kind of this paper is a literature review and uses qualitative method. From this paper, the author is able to conclude that: 1) makerspace is the way in creating a collaborative learning environment and innovative in the library; 2) makerspace make a library as a public space (public sphere) and a center for the community; 3) there are some competencies for librarians, namely: a) the ability to learn, b) the ability to adapt to the changing situation, c) the ability to collaborate, d) the ability to advocate for the learning, e) the ability to serve a variety of people. In addition, a librarian must have a special competence (soft skills) which includes: a) managerial ability; b) development program; c) fundraising; d) technological literacy; and e) the facilitation of learning based on theory and behavior of users community).

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Keywords: Library, Makerspace, Librarian Competency


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