Multitasking Librarian: Salah Satu Strategi Menghadapi Era MEA

Competition in the era of MEA or AEC (Asian Economic Community) is getting tighter and more open, to the people of Indonesia are required to compete on international scale. Libraries as information providers must be able to provide sources of actual and appropriate information needed by the user community. The quality of service and the ability of librarians should be improved, so that its role can not be replaced by other service providers. Quality of service becomes an early spotlight for each user, for the service which will better reflect the library themselves. Improved quality of service there are two, namely functional quality and technical quality. Functional quality associated with the completeness of the collection, availability of facilities and adequate infrastructure. Technical quality expertise associated with librarians who are required to be multitasking. Competencies that must be owned by a librarian is soft a good skills, which have interpersonal skills and hospitality skills are good. In addition to the ability in terms of science (technology skills, language skills, role in education) should be increased, given the growing user community here more sophisticated.

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Keywords: library, librarians , librarian competence, quality of service


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