The Ukrainian Crisis and the Future of European Security Architecture

The Ukrainian crisis is deeply affecting the institutional structure of European security. However, the Ukrainian crisis should be regarded as a consequence of the structural problems of European security, not a reason for them. The basic assumption of this work is that the European security structure did not have the means to prevent the Ukrainian crisis and the emergence of the crisis is largely caused by fundamental problems in this edifice. The main operational problem is how Russia will be positioned in European security architecture. European security institutions do not reflect Russian security concerns. Russia’s ability to affect developments in European security is reduced. Russia finds itself pushed to the periphery of the continent. Therefore, it is a reductionist approach to explaining the Ukrainian crisis with the expansionist and aggressive policy of Russia. This work is aimed at revealing the structural problems faced by the European security architecture and discussing the new dynamics added by the Ukrainian crisis on these structural problems.

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Keywords: The Ukrainian Crisis, European Security, NATO, Russia, the New Cold War

ISSN: 2587-1269

EISSN: 2587-1269


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