Improving learning through Innovative “LIMCA” technique

Professional education is an ever changing process. It becomes very important to change old and traditional mind set of health profession educationists to make Health professional education effective and relevant to the health need of the society. However, the old and traditional teacher centric classes with didactic monotonous lectures are not able to hold the students interest and develop their creativity. Hence it becomes utmost necessary that classroom atmosphere and teaching techniques should evolve with the changing times. LIMCA is a unique innovation. It is superior & consistent with well-known Principles of instructions & learning theories. It is applicable in every teaching module that is practical as well as theory. It is the possible solution for problems in current teaching/ learning process.

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Keywords: LIMCA (Learning Interactively: Memory -tree Creativity Approach), Interactive, Student, Learning

ISSN: 2454-9142

EISSN: 2454-9142


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