Incidence of Anemia and its Socio-demographic determinants among pregnant women attending for antenatal care: A cross sectional study

Introduction: Anemia in pregnancy is a global public health problem affecting both developed and developing countries with major consequences for women. It is associated with adverse result for both the mother and the fetus. This is a concerned health issue that requires urgent attention in Nepal as the prevalence of low hemoglobin level is alarming among certain pregnant women having low socio-economic condition. Therefore, the present study was designed to find out the incidence of anemia and its associated sociodemographic profile among pregnant women attending for antenatal care which has a great implication in pregnancy outcome. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 200 pregnant women, data was collected using an interview questionnaire to collect data about socio-demographic, medical and obstetric characteristics. Aseptically, venous blood sample was collected in EDTA anticoagulation tubes for determination of anemia by Sahli’s method which was compared with Beckman coulter AC.T differential method. Results: The incidence of anemia in pregnant women was 16.5%, of which moderate anemia was followed by mild anemia. There was no significant relationship between the incidence of anemia and the women's age, educational level of the women and smoking status of husband followed by others. Conclusion: The present study concluded that anemia in pregnancy is still prevalent even in selected population of pregnant women identifying low socio-economic, low educational status and lack of employments as risk factors. Health professionals must pay more attention to teach pregnant women good long-term dietary habits as a part of an overall approach to health promotion.

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Keywords: Anemia, Hemoglobin, Socio-demographic, Pregnancy, Antenatal care (ANC).

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