Architecture as system: A study of housing systems evolution

Understanding architecture via the concept of system came after numerous, rapid and different developments upon all aspects of architecture, especially since the last third of past century till the present day.Some theories characterized architecture as the complex whole that based on the different relationships and interrelationships with different sciences, besides of the multiplicity and independency of internal components, it should be assigned into the world of integrated system.This study attempts to explain the phenomenon of architecture through the concept of (system), in order to include both its cognitive (the subject) - which is potential, and realistic presence (the object) -which is explicit. This study tries to explore both sides of the concept, in order to understand the architectural system -in one hand and determining its components -in the other hand.To find out how these systems which have been developed via some housing projects, as an integrated system; comprised by secondary sub-systems with clear limits, within the total system of the housing project. This study follows the inductive and descriptive approach as a methodology, depending on the related literatures and applied available theories in residential projects during different periods of time.The study aims to identify the systems and levels, set to reach a comprehensive understanding of the architectural system in general, and the evolutions of housing systems, in particular, benefiting from the rapid developments of this architectural style (Housing), which have been seen in many various levels too.

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Keywords: System approach, systems and complexity, architectural system, housing, housing systems.

ISSN: 2411-7684

EISSN: 2411-7706

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