The The Effectiveness of Amniotic Membrane as Skin Graft Fixator and Graft Take Accelerator, a Clinical Research Study

The amnion is a thin semi-transparent tissue forming the innermost layer of the fetal membrane. It has been claimed to be one of the most effective biological skin substitutes used in burn wounds, with efficiency of maintaining low bacteria count.This study was set to evaluate the effectiveness of amniotic membrane as skin graft fixator and graft take accelerator.This work is a prospective study carried out in Burns and Plastic Surgery Hospital in Sulaimani for period from 1st of April to end of August 2015 on convenient sample of 33 burned patients.Mean age of burned patients was 24±19 years, Most (93.9%) of burned patients were treated by covering raw area with meshed SSG and only two patients were treated by covering with sheet SSG. Most (90.9%) of burned patients who had treated with covered SSG had taken in comparison with non-covered SSG with amniotic membrane. Postoperative complications for skin areas treated with covered technique were 3; graft loss due to infection, graft loss due to shearing and graft loss due to hematoma.Amniotic membrane induces the graft take among burned skin and fastening the skin healing with fewer complications.

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Keywords: Amniotic membrane, Biologic Dressing, Split Skin Graft (SSG), Graft take.

ISSN: 2411-7684

EISSN: 2411-7706

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