Chiari I malformation presented post craniocervical trauma: A case report

Introduction: Chiari type I malformation, is a neuro-anatomical variation due to caudal herniation of the cerebellar tonsils through the foramen magnum and into the cervical spinal canal. It’s a complication rarely presents following a cranio cervical trauma in young children. Symptoms presents as respiratory arrest, lower cranial nerve dysfunction and motor weakness. Supporting clinical findings on Neuro imaging studies disclosed Arnold Chiari I malformation. Case Report: Reporting a case of 3-year old female child with history of cranio-cervical trauma, presenting with difficulty in deglutination and hoarseness of voice. Magnetic Resonance imaging of brain showed Chiari I malformation. Conclusion: This case report emphasizes that Chiari type I malformation should be included in the differential diagnosis in children who presents with neurological manifestation following cranio-cervical injury. The neurological outcome depends on severity of herniation.

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Keywords: Chiari I malformation, Cranio cervical trauma, Cranial nerve palsy, Cerebral tonsillar ectopia (CTE), Upright MRI, decompression surgery

ISSN: 2454-9142

EISSN: 2454-9142

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