Analytical assessment on child friendly environment of a higher secondary school in Nepal

The concept of child-friendly schools is built on the idea of rights-based education, encouraging respect for student’s rights, dignity and equality. Owning to the fact that UNICEF, UNESCO and World Education have rich experience world-wide in child friendly schools, Nepal and other developing countries needs to benefit from these experiences through assessments and upgrading approaches. This study is an effort to identify the level of child-friendly environment in a typical higher secondary school in Nepal and finding out the approaches used by the school to create child friendly environment within its premises. It also recognizes the factors that is hindering the formation of such environment in the school and recommends policy and program interventions towards making the school more childfriendly.

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Keywords: Child-friendly environment, education, school.

ISSN: 2349-4182

EISSN: 2349-4182


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