Factors associated with the attitude toward research in university nursing students

Objective:to determine what factors are associated with the attitude of university students of nursing towards the research of a university in Lima Norte. Materials and methods: cross-sectional descriptive correlational study with a quantitative approach. In the descriptive analysis of the categorical variables frequencies and percentages were used. For the bivariate analysis, the Chi-square test was used. For the association between the numerical variable vs the categorical polytomics, the Kruskal-Wallis test was previously used for the normality test of Shapiro-wilk with a significance less than or equal to 0.05. The instrument entitled Scale of Attitudes toward Research was used, which consisted of 30 items.Results: it is shown that the attitude toward research in nursing students was moderately favorable (58%). On the other hand, there is a significant relationship between working time (p = 0.02), reading articles or books per week (p = 0.04) and research training (p = 0.01) with attitude toward research. That is, working more than 10 hours (63.6%), reading fewer books and articles per week (0.8 ± 0.6) and not attending research training (25.0%) were associated with an unfavorable attitude towards research.Conclusions: students who work longer, read fewer books and articles per week and do not attend research training have an unfavorable attitude towards research. It is recommended that the authorities and teachers of the universities implement educational strategies in order to support students with these sociodemographic characteristics and encourage research through curricular courses, scientific events, etc.

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Keywords: Research; Attitude; Nursing students

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