Academic procrastination and anxiety in students of Health Sciences of University of North Lima

Objective:to determine the relationship between academic procrastination and anxiety in students of Health Sciences of a private University of Lima Norte. Materials and methods: cross-sectional correlational study. The sample consisted of 290 university students. The main variables were: Academic procrastination (PA) and anxiety, measured by the Academic Procrastination Scale (EPA) and the Zung Anxiety Self-Assessment Scale (EAA). The statistical package STATA 13 was used and for the bivariate analysis T-Student, ANOVA and Chi-squarewere used.Results: most of the sample were female (78.6%) and professional psychology (35.8%), with an average age of 22.8, while 34.1% presented anxiety at a minimum to moderate level. Significant relationship between PA and sex is evidenced (PV = 0.02); postponement of activities was related to anxiety (PV = 0.0005) and career (PV = 0.03); likewise, the latter was associated with anxiety (PV = 0.001). Conclusions: males procrastinate more than females (m = 41), and students of Health Sciences postpone their academic activities experience higher levels of anxiety. It is necessary to encourage Psychology professionals in the creation of preventive-promotional programs that allow the development of effective strategies in the educational field to prevent PA and train in techniques to control anxiety.

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Keywords: Academic procrastination;Anxiety;University

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