Nursing intervention in therapeutic behavior and knowledge in patients with hypertension

Objective: to determine the efficacy of the teaching of the disease process in the therapeutic behavior and the level of knowledge in hypertensive patients of hospitalization wards of a public hospital in Lima. Materials and methods: a quasi-experimental design study with an intervention method (pre and post) with a one-week follow-up was used. The sample consisted of 40 patients between 60 and 85 years old living in Lima. Results: significant changes were found in the post intervention groups, improving from 3.54 to 3.72 in terms of the therapeutic behavior variable in the control group compared to the intervention group that had a greater increase from 2.98 to 4.06, while in the variable level of knowledge, the control group presented an improvement of 3.0 to 3.02 while in the intervention group there was an improvement of 2.56 to 3.56. Conclusion: the intervention influenced the increase in both the level of knowledge and therapeutic behavior. Likewise, it had a positive effect on the indicators of the main variables (recommended precautions, normal range of systolic and diastolic blood pressure).

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Keywords: Standardized Nursing Terminology; Knowledge; Education Nursing; Hypertension

ISSN: ISSN 2519-0652

EISSN: ISSN 2519-9110


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