Sociodemographicfactors associated with parental ties in students of northern Lima

Objective:to determine the relationship between parental ties and sociodemographic variables in the students of a pre-university center. Materials and methods: study of correlational scope and non-experimental cross-sectional design. The sample consisted of 187 students from a pre-university center in northern Lima. The main variables were: Parental bonds and sociodemographic factors. Data analysis was performed through statistical software STATA 14.Results: a relationship was found between the parent overprotectionand primary caregiver dimension (p = 0.00), as well as mother overprotection (p = 0.008) and primary caregiver. Likewise, the mother overprotection dimension was related to the place of birth (p = 0.001). The highest values of the dimensions of parentalties were recorded in There is also significant relationship between parental bonds in the dimension of overprotection of the mother with place of birth (93.63%). High values were obtained in the dimension of overprotection of the mother (93.05%) and the father (82.35%).Conclusions: biological parents are perceived as more overprotective than other primary caregivers. This relationship could diminish the autonomy, the capacity of decision and adaptation, characteristic effects of overprotection. The relationship between the overprotection of the mother and the place of birth may be related to psychosocial and cultural factors that should be more studied in future studies. It is suggested to promote systematic psychological intervention for parents and children in the community and educational environment.

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Keywords: Parenting; Caregivers; Demographic data; Parent-Child Relations; Students

ISSN: ISSN 2519-0652

EISSN: ISSN 2519-9110


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