Pharmaceutical and XRF Study of Yashada Pushpa Prepared using Electric Muffle Furnace

Yashada pushpa is a type of Yashada bhasma, which is an ingredient of local (topical) applicants indicated in skin disorders. The classical method of preparation of this type of Yashada bhasma is given in Rasatarangini. In the present study, Yashada pushpa was prepared according to the pharmaceutical processes given in Rasatarangini except, during the marana procedure, the classical heating equipment and method were replaced by Electric Muffle Furnace (EMF). Samples were taken before and after shodhana and finally after Yashada pushpa preparation and were subjected to XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analysis. The results have been tabulated for this study. pH of 1% solution of Yashada pushpa was 7.11 at 30oC. Considering the siddhi lakshanas (end point observations) and the ease of preparation, this study has concluded that the use of EMF is an effective as well as an efficient method for preparation of Yashada pushpa

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Keywords: Yashada Pushpa, Yashada bhasma, XRF, Electric Muffle furnace


EISSN: 2350-0204


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