Investigation of the role of exogenous use of sucrose as an osmoprotectant in increasing Azolla filiculoides resistance to air high temperature and salt stress

Influence of 2.75 to 11 moles sucrose as an exogenous osmoprotectant on salt stressed (7.8-9.1 and 18.2 ms/cm) and temperature stressed (42.36C) Azolla (A. filiculoides Lam.) was studied. Results showed that enriching salt stressed (9.1 ms/cm) Azolla by 5.5 moles sucrose significantly increased survival percent (S%) and freshness percent (F%), in comparison with control treatment in which no sucrose was used. Enriching Azolla media by 2.75, 5.5 and 8.25 moles sucrose in optimum growth condition (24.18C and 0.65 mS/cm), had no significant effects on growth doubling time (D.T), S% and F% in comparison with control. Enriching Azolla media by 11 moles sucrose in optimum growth condition decreased significantly the S% and F%, in comparison with control plots. Enriching Azolla media by 5.5 moles sucrose, in all salinity levels (0.65, 7.8, 9.1 and 18.25 ms/cm), and air temperatures (24.18 and 42.36C), non increased S% and F% but not significantly and decreased D.T.A positive correlation was o.....

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Keywords: Fish

ISSN: 1026-1354

EISSN: 2322-5998

EOI/DOI: 10.22092/ISFJ.2008.115258

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