Analyzing The Elementary Social Studies Book in terms of Graphic Design Principles

The aim of this study is to examine the social study book in terms of graphic design principles. This research is a qualitative study. Qualitative research is a type of research in which perception, events or circumstances are revealed in a realistic and totalitarian way. In this study, Document Analyses Technique is used as a data collection tool. In this respect, graphic principles criterions are determined firstly and then the images that are used (506 images) in the elementary school social study book are examined. The results show that social study books are found to be of a very low level, in terms of graphic design principles. It turned out that all parts of the social study book show a lack of implementation of graphic design principles. While the most used graphic design principles are: integrity, emphasis and balance, the least adopted ones are: alignment, line spacing, blanks and kerning. In the context of the research, these suggestions are brought forward: a social study lesson book should be made more interesting and should be according to graphic design principles. Priority should be given especially to the chapters where there is a lack of use of graphic design principles. Graphic design principles that are used the least such as line and measurement should be implemented more.

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Keywords: Social studies, graphic design, elementary school

ISSN: 2602-2885

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