A Training Program in the Framework of Rogers’ Theory of Blended Learning: A Case of Teachers of Information Technology in Oman

This study aimed at designing a training program according to Rogers Theory of Blended Learning for the teachers of Information Technology in Oman and studying its effectiveness. The study sample was composed of 40 primary school teachers of Information Technology working in public schools of Dhofar Governorate of Oman during the academic year 2016/2017. The researchers used the achievement test and observation card as a tools of measuring the program effectiveness, study results indicated statistically significant differences with a value of (T) for the difference between the average of dimensional applications of the achievement test and skill performance (51.36-15.45) in Information Technology teachers’ practice, which resulted in a value at statistically significant level of (0.001) and the training program was effective, as the profit rate of black was 1.33-1.41 respectively. It is a statistically significant value as it is more than 1.2. The effect of the training program was high in terms of both cognitive achievements and skills. The study recommended using educational models as one of the self-education techniques in Information Technology Teacher Training programs along with the integration of other training styles which are compatible with it by implication, the study suggested to exploit Roger’s Theory for education technology innovations and designing other models for, sustainable educational development.

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Keywords: Training program, Roger’s Theory, Information Technology, teachers, Blended Learning


EISSN: 2229-9327

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