Study of the Chemical and Sensory Properties of a Calcium–Milk Coagulum

The chemical and sensory properties of a calcium–milk coagulum which were prepared from heated skim milk were investigated. The yield of calcium milk coagulum was 18.16%, and this value was higher than the yield of soft cheese which was 10.6%. At zero degree of cold storage, the moisture, total solids, acidity, lactose, proteins and ash% in calcium milk coagulum were 66.6, 33.3, 0.14, 3.7, 26.9 and 1.7 % respectively, While these values in soft cheese were 72,27.9, 0.13, 3.5, 21.8 and 1.4 % respectively.Sensory evolution scores for flavour, holes, bitterness, appearance & colour of calcium milk coagulum at zero degree and after 28 days of storage at 7±1°C were higher than soft cheese, while texture and body scores were less than soft cheese. After 14 days storage at (7±1 °C) the total bacterial count, Coliform count and fungi count of the soft cheese sample was significantly higher than that in calcium milk coagulum.

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Keywords: Milk coagulum, ionic calcium, cheese, sensory

ISSN: 2411-7684

EISSN: 2411-7706

EOI/DOI: 10.24017/science.2016.1.1.2

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