The Relations of Islam-Judaism In History Religious Inclusivity and Political Theology

This paper examines and describes, from the perspective of religion comparative studies, the relation and interrelation of the two major world religions, Islam and Judaism, which have not found a solid foundation for establishing a peaceful and inclusive world religious civilization system since thousands of years ago to this present. This study was library research with a theological-historical approach which focused on the description of the intersection, historical relation and theological issues of the two religions which had an impact on the political tensions between both religions. The researcher found that Islam and Judaism basically meet in two aspects, that is, historically, the blood relationship of the Prophets that stem from the hanif Ibrahimic faith. Theologically, both religions are the divine religions that base their religious teachings on the Book of Allah and have the same principles of the doctrine of tawhid, that is faith in God Almighty, the Day of the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment (al mu'ad). The inharmonious relationship between Islam and Judaism throughout history to the present day is in essence caused by the political issues that adopt theological interpretations aiming to sharpen the thorns of religious discordance.

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Keywords: Islam; Judaism; relations; history of religions

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