Recovery of Alum Coagulant from Water Treatment Plant Sludge: A Greener Approach for Water Purification

The present work is based on Alum Recovery from the sludge obtained from Shyamala Water Treatment Plant by Acidic and Alkaline methods. In the acidic and alkaline method, the maximum recovery of alum coagulant is found to be 84.18% and 76.98% respectively. The recovered alum is as efficient as commercial alum and can be used again as coagulant for Water Treatment. This recovery can solve the vast problem of WTP (Water Treatment Plant) sludge management together with the problem of water pollution associated with disposal of alum sludge in the water body. In this way, this work tries to enlighten a greener approach for water purification which seeks to reduce and prevent the production of pollutant (WTP sludge) at its source.

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Keywords: Alum Sludge, Water Treatment Plant, Acidic Method, Alkaline Method, Alum Recovery.

ISSN: 2249-7277

EISSN: 2277 - 7970

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