Dispelling Illusions of Homogeneity: Growing Disparities in Higher Education Access in the Post-Soviet Regions

The comparative perspective on inequities across the post-Soviet regions is currently lacking in studies on higher education. This type of research is imperative given the growing hierarchization of the globally-competing national higher education systems and the prevailing misconception that homogenization is achievable or becomes an unavoidable direction for future development. To counter this notion, this paper illustrates growing regional divergences and dispelling revisionist aspirations for coherent or common higher education space. The paper offers several snapshots of the changing contours of access and equity in higher education by examining the disparate dynamics inside and across the regions. The following paragraphs analyse and compare the 1991 and 2011 access data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. The analysis is also informed by insights from higher education experts from the post-Soviet republics and their views on national and regional differences in tertiary enrolment, teaching resources, and geo-spatial inequalities.

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Keywords: higher education access, post-Soviet countries

ISSN: 2151-0407



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