Income generation through agricultural and sericulture crops at farmers level in two major districts of West Bengal: A Comparative study

In India, Sericulture is generally practiced by small land holders and provides direct employment to numerous people. In one hectare of mulberry cultivation as many as 13 persons are engaged throughout the year in various activities of Sericulture viz, mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing, silk reeling, silk weaving etc. Even the landless labourers can grow mulberry to feed the silkworms by collecting mulberry leaves from the roadside trees, open fields, backyards etc. and produce cocoons but the case with agricultural crop is different. Nadia and Birbhum are two major traditional districts for Sericulture practice. With respect to income generation, sericulture has been found to provide more income than others. In present study, we have made a comparative analysis of sericulture and agriculture incomes between two major districts of West Bengal i.e Nadia and Birbhum. Comparison was done on the income generated through paddy, wheat and mustard vs sericulture. Our survey report found that sericulture produce was significant and the figures were approximately Rs.90000/acre/year in comparison Rs 15000/- for paddy; Rs 9000/- for Mustard and Rs. 5000/- for wheat. Sericulture being the cash crop was found to be more profitable compared to agricultural produce in the region.

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Keywords: Paddy, mustard, wheat, sericulture, income generation, Nadia and Birbhum and cash crop

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