Effluent quality of ammonia unit in Razi petrochemical complex

Establishment of great industrial centers and ports along the Khur-Musa Estuary in Mahshahr Port (Khuzestan, Iran) have been discharged a high volume of industrial and non-industrial pollutants to this estuary. The most important pollutants in Khur-Musa include industrial wastes and effluents including ammonia and urea units. This research aimed to survey the qualitative parameters of effluent of ammonia unit No. 3 in Razi petrochemical complex, and comparing these parameters to the allowable effluent discharge standards in Iran. The main objective of this study was to investigate the performance of this unit, and providing proper solutions to solve the existing problems. Thus, at first, the process of production and sources of pollutants in the effluent were recognized and sampling points were determined. The data were collected by examinations on parameters chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), nitrite ion (NO2), nitrate ion (NO3), pH, and (ammonia ion) NH4, during a consecutive six-month period. The results of the measurements were recorded monthly, weekly, and daily. The results showed that the COD and the concentration of ammonia and nitrate ions in the effluent of studied unit were considerably higher than allowable values stated in the national standards of Iran. Comparison between stated parameters in the six-month period of sampling indicated a more desirable trend for the value of studied parameters in the last month of the study (September). In order to upgrading effluent treatment system, an effective action plan could be provided to optimize the current status of effluent from ammonia unit in Razi petrochemical complex.

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Keywords: Ammonia Unit; Petrochemical Complex; Effluent; Qualitative Parameters

ISSN: 2345-3990

EISSN: 2345-3990

EOI/DOI: 10.22102/JAEHR.2013.40120

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