Cutoff Age and Gender Difference for Various Schmeling’s Staging System of Clavicular Ossification.

Background: To determine the cut-off ages and its gender differences for various Schmeling’s staging system of clavicular ossification in population of Karachi. Methods: In this cross sectional study non probability, purposive sampling technique was used for sample collection. Total 500 digital radiographs of chest posterior-anterior (PA) view were included in the study. Each x-ray was reviewed and assessed for the ossification stage of the medial end of clavicle. Results: Radiographs of 500 participants(16 to 32 years of age) were studied. Out of which 265 were males and 235 were females. Range of age of a person having the clavicular ossification stage from 1 to 5 were represented. Cut off ages for stage 1-5 as 18, 19, 22, 25 and 28 were determined, respectively. There was a gender difference in ossification stage of medial end of clavicle. In M/F the age for stage-1 was 18/17 years while age for stage 5 was 27/29 years respectively. Conclusion: The use of conventional radiography remains one of the important tools for the age estimation in forensic medicine. In addition, Schmeling’s ossification staging of medial end of clavicle should be cautiously observed with respect to socio-economic and geographical aspect of the population studied

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Keywords: Forensic, age,, ossification, epiphysis.

ISSN: 1683-3562


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