Dulce Wireless Tijuana Toolkit: An Online Guide for the Treatment of the Patient with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a global epidemic and represents one of the greatest burdens for the Mexican health and social insurance providers such as Seguro Popular that covers 50.4% of the Mexican population, and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) that covers 38.1% of the Mexican population. According to the 2016 National Health and Nutrition Survey, almost 75% of the Mexican population over 20 years old is considered to be obese or overweight [1]. Mexico is a country with high diabetes prevalence (9,4%, ENSANUT, 2016). While 87.8% of the people with diagnosed Diabetes are receiving treatment, approximately 75% of individuals in Mexico with type 2 diabetes have not reached adequate glycemic control and will continue to be a major challenge in terms of complications [1-4].

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Keywords: Online toolkit, Type 2 diabetes, Education.

ISSN: 2639-9474


EOI/DOI: 10.33425/2639-9474.1085

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