3D Adventure Game Using Unity

3D game with a First Person Shooting as well as Third Person Shooting mode available in which the player has to search the enemies on an amazing terrain map and kill the enemies using own wit and action.Project mainly deals with the development of a 3d game application with the Unity game engine for windows OS. In this game there are a few different kinds of enemies on the terrain and they possess many different kinds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) movements such as: 8 direction movement that helps player to move in directions like north-east, south-west, etc. rather than just north or west or south, Auto aiming that comes into play when player is in the line of sight of the enemy, Bullet/ spell/ Projectile shooting created using a muzzle flash that starts firing at the player when it comes in the range fixed by us, Wind which uses particle system to create wind and the force effects everything around it like blades of grass, leaf falling from the tree, hair of the player, etc. The player has to search for clues, solve them, kill enemies and explore places to gain extraordinary power.The video game market is not just serviced for PC and Xbox. It is adaptive to mobile platforms like IOS, Android and Windows Phone

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ISSN: 2250-1045

EISSN: 2277-5099

EOI/DOI: 10.9756/BIJSESC.9015

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