Visualization Methods in Interior Design Sampling over the Lupa CR29 Project

Within the scope of this article, visualization methods used in designing interior spaces are examined. These methods are grouped according to their analog and digital environment. Sketch, drawing, perspective, modeling, model and photomontage/collage, animation/simulation techniques and finally virtual reality applications are mentioned. Lupa CR29 project is given as an example of the methods mentioned in the article. With the development of technology, visualization methods used in interior design also change and differentiate, so the way we perceive the space changes. While the perception of the space is provided by hand-drawn and colored perspectives, today we can move within the modeled space by using various accessories and perceive it in three dimensions. Real space refers to the space in which people can physically perceive, define their boundaries, and physically. Virtual space is the place where people are not physically involved and mentally involved. It is possible to experience virtual spaces in one, two and three dimensions. There is a need for telephony for one-dimensional experience, computer environment for two-dimensional experience, and virtual reality applications for three-dimensional experience.

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Keywords: Visualization Methods, Interior Design Presentation, Interior Design


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