Box in Art and Personal Applications in Ceramic Art

With the existence of mankind, it was brought to life by means of various materials such as museums, collections or heritage. These include box forms that are important to humans. Although boxes seem to be insignificant by losing their value over time, they have been made and used as a necessary material in every period of life. However, when the museums (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, etc.) and collections are examined, it can be said that the box forms that can survive today are quite a few. The aim is to provide a visual representation of the boxes made from different materials from past to present. Moreover, it is possible to convey to the next generations by emphasizing the existence of these objects which are used in many fields where the forms of boxes that serve many purposes such as carrying, storing or gifting something throughout life are not insignificant items. This study was carried out with the aim of transferring the development processes of the box forms which were made in the past by using various materials from the past to the present day and revealing the box samples made in different ways with the familiar box forms made in the past. In this respect, many examples of boxes made of different materials have been reached. Different designs of the obtained examples are included in the article. In addition, personal box applications made by using ceramic materials are documented as photographs in order to serve as an example for today's box designs and presented to art lovers. Bu çal??ma, geçmi?ten günümüze çe?itli malzemeler kullan?larak yap?lm??, sa?lam olarak bulunan kutu formlar?n?n geli?im süreçlerini aktarmak, geçmi?te yap?lan bilindik kutu formlar? ile birlikte farkl? ?ekillerde tasar?mlar? yap?lm?? kutu örneklerini gün yüzüne ç?karmak amac? ile olu?turulmu?tur. Bu do?rultuda farkl? malzemelerden yap?lm?? birçok kutu örne?ine ula??lm??t?r. Ula??lan örneklerin farkl? tasar?mlar? makalenin içerisinde yer almaktad?r. Ayr?ca seramik malzeme kullan?larak yap?lan ki?isel kutu uygulamalar?, günümüz kutu tasar?mlar?na örnek te?kil etmesi aç?s?ndan foto?raf olarak belgelendirilmi? ve sanatseverlerin be?enisine sunulmu?tur.

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Keywords: Box, Ceramics, Art History, Museum Research


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